08 December 2013

One Man

picture a semi
parked on a compact car
whose driver
with a shimmering soul
sat defenseless
as Mack came bowl
The interstate’s closed now.
We’re trying to pick up the pieces
but it’s rather like
feather-dusting the moon.

We made the guest bed
not knowing it was for Death.
She tricked us.

Mandela said,
"A good head
and a good heart
are always
a formidable combination."

I recall these words
as I look in the rear-view mirror
of my cold car,
doubly fogged
for the weather
and my tear-filled eyes.

In life, he overcame
those who would crush him.
Surely, death shall not triumph.
He will somehow survive the winter.
Still, close the road.
Stop the traffic.
Pay respect for a season.

One Man
A poem by Troy Cady

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