01 January 2019

The Doorway

PlayFull wishes you a year filled with open doors! Enjoy this poem…


I am standing now
in your doorway,
wondering what will happen next.

These few brief moments of waiting
seem enough to hold
a lifetime’s worth of hope.

And I hope to encounter
just one thing—
your everything:
the sight of your friendly face,
and the signs of your welcome—
which I can hear now
are the sounds
of the forgiven company you keep.
I love your warm music
and bright laughter,
the way you listen with love.
The gentle grace
and understanding in your eyes
captivate me.
You know me already—
my failures and fears,
my doubts, insecurities
and all the tears I’ve shed.
You know every sleepless night
I’ve had—that’s when I
come calling, asking for help,
or just wanting to be held, and—

There you are!
It’s so good to see you!—

But, now that the door is open,
I must confess
I’m a little confused.
did I open it or did you—
and are you coming in to be with me
or am I going out to be with you?


the doorway
by troy cady
on new year’s day 2019

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