22 August 2017

200 Ways to Play: Coming in Kindle and Paperback Soon!

What if we lived more playfully? I believe the world would be a much better place. We'd learn more; we'd become more peaceful and joyful; we'd be able to tackle problems and conflicts with grace and confidence.

Children know this first-hand by instinct, but somewhere along the way we grow up and start taking ourselves too seriously.

Be on the lookout for PlayFull's new book entitled 200 Ways to Play. It will be available in Kindle and paperback format soon! If you like, write me and I'll put you on a list that will notify you when it is available.

It's chock-full of practical ideas and timeless principles that can help you cultivate a more playful (joyful!) life.

Wishing you a PlayFull Life,
Troy Cady
President, PlayFull