20 February 2019


"Good Old School Friends" by Aman Shrivastaya on Unsplash. Creative Commons.

Friendship—what a gift! When you find a true friend, you find someone who will not judge you when you fail. A friend is someone who knows you well, someone who knows your little quirks, your strengths, your weaknesses, those moments you’ve risen to life’s challenges and those other times when you’ve felt so dog-tired you’ve only felt like saying, “Whatever; I don’t really care.”

If you haven’t connected with a friend like that in a while, we invite you today to reach out to them, just to let them know how much they mean to you. Do it today for you never know what tomorrow holds.


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14 February 2019

how loved

if you only knew
how loved you are—
there is only one need—
see how the infant
just swallows,
how Mother nourishes
her Child,
such speechless adoration,
care and affection,
safety, protection—

what beauty,
this loving instinct,
how patiently
Mother teaches us her way,
a way that can only
be learned by invitation

love requires no intellect,
just presence—
and Mother is present
to her Child,
no distractions,
just attention,
no questions asked—

if you only knew
how loved you are


how loved
by troy cady

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