01 November 2013

What To Do Onboard a Ship of Fools

Since the Spirit dwells inside you, it can sometimes be difficult sorting out what seems to be the Spirit's leading and what may be your own ideas, so don't be too troubled if you get it wrong from time to time.

When that happens, ask God to show you whether you should cry or just laugh at yourself. Sometimes the latter may be just the right thing because we needn't take ourselves too seriously. Nobody is that together, though they may look like it. Actors do not leave their makeup on when the cameras turn off. Were we to face the truth about ourselves, we'd all have to admit we're just a bunch of idiots that still have a heckuva lot to learn.

When we realize this about ourselves, then and only then can we say to others, “Would you like to be a part of this ship of fools?” Oddly, that kind of invitation feels like freedom. There is no threat to getting on-board with a bunch of sailors that could use some help charting a course. "Just be one of us: imperfect." Such company may better be called genuine friendship, even solidarity. Sounds great by me.

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