Read what people are saying about PlayFull...from PlayGroups to PlayDates, leadership coaching to team building, marriage building to our children's ministry stories called PlayFull Faith.

Just a sampling of the pottery made by Curt since taking
the Creative Awakening course.
"I have experienced PlayFull as a unique not-for-profit organization that encourages the creative process in all aspects of life and vocation. I was able to take part in the Creative Awakening class which encouraged the participants to identify the strengths in their creative being while exploring its close ties to spirituality. The class motivated me to further explore some creative elements in my own life and to look at the barriers that keep us from being able to play in the same way as children. I have found that Troy Cady, founder and director of PlayFull, oozes passion and dedication for its mission. PlayFull works with individuals providing encouragement to take that creative step to become more fully human in pursuit of the Divine, and equally well with organizations to help them have fun and think outside the box to ultimately be more effective in their scope and purpose."  -Curt Roeschley

Bethany: front and center with some
beautiful felt work.
"The ministry of PlayFull has been such a blessing to me! It has been a reminder to look for the wonder and beauty that each day brings, and not get caught up in the endless rush of busyness and people-pleasing. It has helped me give myself permission to create for its own sake and not worry about it being "good". It has brought me back to what it means to have faith like a child - walking humbly, openly, with God, listening to his call of creativity, playing, growing, learning, resting, thriving, and in addition affirming that call in the lives of others. Thank you, PlayFull, for the transformational work you participate in. Thank you, for listening to His call."
-Bethany Saldana

Doodling away! And painting.
And practicing calligraphy. :) 
"Every Thursday evening I look forward to going to the Creative Awakening PlayGroup that Troy has been leading this summer.  For two special hours a week, a small group of people have the opportunity to nurture their artistic spirit while learning what it means for each of us to be uniquely creative beings, made in the image of our Creator God.  I have been seeking a space in my life for some time to reconnect with my inner artist.  This PlayGroup has been a true blessing and wonderful opportunity for me.  I'm so grateful for Troy's enthusiasm and gifted teaching. "
-Megan France

In late 2015, Becky's work was featured at an art show
on Navy Pier in Chicago. Way to go!
"I'm incredibly grateful for the ministry PlayFull is. Personally, it has been a direct factor in my spiritual growth and development. Being able to participate in the Creative Awakening course Troy put together gave me the confidence to believe that God could (and does!) use me and my unique giftings at every moment. To be able to participate in a small group like that, with others who also felt lost or directionless, and Troy was able to navigate those choppy waters, bringing each of us in to a safe harbor. There we could use our artistic talents to bless ourselves and each other. I know I am a stronger, healthier person because of the work of Troy, his family, and PlayFull." -Becky Barton