What we're about

Our mission: PlayFull is dedicated to helping people and organizations play from the inside-out.

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At a glance...

PlayFull believes that play nurtures healthy people and creates thriving organizations. So, we are dedicated to helping people and organizations think, act and be more playful.

We spear-head PlayGroups. These are gatherings of 6 to 16 people that meet for a specified period of time for the purpose of exploring a particular topic using playful approaches. Duration and topic varies from group to group.

We facilitate PlayDates. These are one-time events designed to help groups both large and small learn about a particular issue from a playful perspective.

We are creating an original story series called PlayFull Faith that's perfect for both children's and inter-generational ministry settings.

We also...
...coach leaders
...build marriages
...offer training in children's ministry
...build teams
...facilitate vision development
...lead individuals and groups in knowing and naming their core values.

Write us to find out more or click here to read some testimonials from those who have benefited from PlayFull's ministry.