18 November 2013

If You Find A Droid

Handmade posters. We see them all over. Someone advertises a service or posts a notice of a lost pet; a teenager tries to drum up some babysitting jobs or a local musician offers piano lessons dirt-cheap. 

Here are some posters you've likely never seen--and they're bound to give you a chuckle.  Out of a larger list of 30 posters I saw earlier today, these are my top 10. 


1.Wanted: Dead and Alive.

2. Lost Wormhole.

3. If You See Klaus...

4. Lost Droids

5. Printer For Sale. Works Real Good.

6. Minions Wanted.

7. Like This Post. Very punny.

8. Missing Unicorn.

9. For Tough Times.

10. My Favorite: Lionel Richie.

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