12 January 2014

Choosing Rest

There will always be more to do. That much is certain. Rest is a choice, a trusting choice. I must trust that, should I stop doing, my life will not come crashing down.  I am not compelled to perform that task that just popped into my head—nor all the others that occupy my mind like insistent soldiers storming a battlefront.

Just rest. Let go of the trigger, shooting from one activity to the next, rapid-fire and automatic. Once you start going and doing, it’s hard to stop.

Why rest? Why stop?

Rest is a humbling choice. It has no reputation to uphold. To truly rest is to set aside one’s ego.  It reminds me I am not all that important. I can stop doing and others will go on being happy, accomplishments will be completed without me. Rest puts me in my place. I am limited.

“But…” (and here I fill in the blank) “…such and such won’t get done unless I do it now.”

“So?” she asks.

Her simple question teaches me that the many things I think are important…really are not that important. I can leave them undone and no one, myself included, will be the worse for it.

There are more reasons to rest, to be sure. For now, I’m certainly not going to analyze the issue to death.

I’ll rest.   You can, too.

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