06 July 2014

All These Gifts

A Sabbath prayer:

Your gifts to us are too many to count: 
light and the distance it travels, 
the sea and its depth, 
the sky and its height, 
the land and its growth, 
the universe with sun, moon and stars innumerable, 
and all the living, moving things that fill the world: 
billions of fish in thousands of varieties, 
the birds whose songs and flight paths are left uncharted, 
creatures large and small 
from the mighty elephant 
to the life so small it lives 
beyond the scope of our naked eye.

All these…
gifts of sight, sound and scent…
all these we receive as gifts, 
all good, 
all undeserved, 
from Your hand. 
Who is like you, Lord? 
You give these gifts so we may rest in You.

Enable us to give back to you gratefully 
as our way of saying we want to rest in You, 
to trust in You. 
Enable us to give as an act of faith, 
believing that the same God who gave us these gifts 
will never fail to provide everything we need, 
with no good thing lacking.

Receive our praise.


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