21 May 2015

Tea Flowers

Tea Flowers
by Troy Cady

It’s a puzzle
how each one unfolds
like a Spirit flame—
how each one becomes
(always Becoming!)
more open,
more beautiful
like a sunset
risen from the flood.

That which we suppose dead
is alive.

Remember, flowers,
new days begin at dusk.
Precious flowers, wild-
sprung from earth,
give thanks and be glad
for the transparency
that magnifies the blooming.

Each flower unique,
a manifest of
the holy cloud of unknowing.
How will each unfold?
These flowers will surprise.

I wonder…
how is it that we hear
the flower’s voice by silence?

Dearly beloved, listen to these flowers,
flourishing quietly, slowly in the living water.

Dearly beloved, listen to these flowers—
their voice goes out to all the earth.

Amen and amen.

for the Gladness and Hunger PlayGroup
May 21, 2015

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