16 June 2014

Play Gets Me Fired Up!

Earlier today a friend requested I share our vision document with her and that prompted me take another look at it. I have to say: reading our vision statement again made me happy!

A portion of that document explores the characteristics and effects of play. This part stood out to me today...

Play encourages healthy relationship

Through play we experience companionship. Desire is both awakened and focused in play.

True conversation is a playful process.

Play asks questions in an attempt to understand. It is appreciative inquiry, unthreatened.

To listen is to play. The seeking heart is the playful heart. It does not demand to be
understood; rather, it seeks to understand.

We play when we coach and collaborate. Compromise is less playful than collaboration.

Teamwork is the work of play.

Solidarity and play go hand-in-hand. Sympathy and compassion have a playful spirit as their seed.

Play does not attack, it welcomes. Jokes that demean are violent. Play ennobles.

Play includes conflict, something we have to wrestle with. If there is no struggle, there is no play.

Play involves “The Other”; it requires differentiation. Oceans are defined by shores. Where differences diminish, so do definitions. Naming in empathy is a loving, playful act.

I love play because of its mystery. There’s always something new to discover. Here’s to adventure!



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