19 January 2015

the land flowing with MiLK and honey

Go ahead.
Strangle me.
I still have a voice.

Twist my words
and they’ll still dance.

Call me red or pink.
It doesn’t matter.
I’ll still be black and proud.

Raise a loud
          drown out
the gunshot and smear
God’s truth reigns

for men and women,
young and old
from every tribe and language
and nation and color

yes, color
every color

will stand as one,
risen from the ashes,
free of oppression,
with only one obsession

that love wins the day.

So say what you would say.
I will be me anyway.

the land flowing with MiLK and honey
by troy cady

 ...in observance of Martin Luther King day,  2015.

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