21 March 2015

The Creative Call PlayGroup:: "Life is art"

Two weeks ago we held a celebration dinner for our Creative Call PlayGroup. The group began meeting in November and, over the course of eight sessions, explored the roadblocks and sources of creative expression. The course was loosely derived from a book by Janice Elsheimer, but we supplemented her approach with some of our own original content.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be retooling the course and offering it again. If you live in the Chicago area, be on the lookout for that because you are welcome to join. If you do not live in the Chicago area and are interested in the course, email Troy to inquire about how we can offer the course in a retreat or workshop format for your location.  

One of the group members rallied the others to write a few words about how the course benefited them. Here are some snippets of what they said.

"The spiritual part of it is what I loved the most. I have learned that I want to get rid of some things that no longer matter in my life. And really, life is art in a way. It matters how we want to paint the day. We paint it in our minds and our hearts." -Chrissy

"I have been encouraged, through the class and through you, to look at life in a simpler way, yet to give yourself to it fully, enjoying the ride. That's what this class has been for me: a space of just being, believing, sharing, enjoying." -Damaris

"Troy, you have helped make the Creative Call a special time, to challenge us to be bold, to use our imagination, and not to worry about making mistakes or be concerned about our fear of how others may perceive us or our art...it was a privilege to be a part of your class." -Curt

"...it was the first step for me to trust the process of believing I am creative. I am grateful for your ability to connect the spiritual and creative in a way that I could not have seen on my own. Thank you for believing in each one of us and who God is making us." -Renee

"...to have this class to look forward to was like an oasis in the desert. Longing, not only to learn more about the connectedness between spirituality and creativity, but also to meet with more like-minded friends! And this class has more than fulfilled my hopes! I feel like the time went way too fast and I could easily have enjoyed this for longer. You have kindled creativity in me in more than one area, and I am very thankful for the lessons I've been able to soak up and the experiences I've had under your direction!" -Becky

"The one thing that keeps sounding in my head is 'it doesn't have to be perfect!' Thanks for providing this opportunity for all of us. I hope to take advantage of this again." –Denise


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