26 January 2017

Living Life

Within each of us is the capacity to grow or diminish.
Today, I can choose to be a person with a big heart or a shriveled spirit.
A soul can expand or contract.
I can be a welcoming, hospitable presence or an isolating influence.

I invite you to join me today in embracing qualities that enable us to live life to the fullest. Which of these is most needed…for you? Take your time and consider each one slowly, if you are able.

1. Practicing gentleness.
2. Forgiving someone.
3. Listening well.
4. Truth-telling.
5. Stepping out in courage and faith.
6. Being generous.
7. Noticing goodness.
8. Enjoying uniqueness.
9. Making peace.
10. Being patient.
11. Waiting to speak until anger has subsided.
12. Encouraging another.
13. Observing silence, resting from words.
14. Playing! Creating!
15. Working hard.
16. Persevering.
17. Slowing down.
18. Saying “I’m sorry.”

I wonder: Which one of these fits you best? And, I wonder: Do you have anything else that comes to mind?


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