04 June 2018

Adults Should Play, Too!

“You may believe play to be the domain of children and irresponsible adults who do not take life as seriously as they should. Such underdeveloped notions of play can lead to a complete negation of play-related qualities, including spontaneity, risk, and joy. On the other hand, if you can fathom play as a continuing holy reality that is just as valuable to adults as it is to children, then you are less likely to discount its value in your life…If you value the role of play for adults, you will find it easier to schedule play, and to revel in it without guilt when it interrupts your daily schedule. Play, in the latter mindset, is legitimized by the sheer delight it offers.” -from Rest in the Storm by Kirk Byron Jones (Valley Forge: Judson Press, 2001), location 1246, Kindle.


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