10 January 2019

my prayer for today

I don’t know what tomorrow holds
but I know your grace is enough
to carry me through today.

So, today I let go of fear
and ask you to strengthen me
with the assurance of
your good intentions for all.

Today, I let go of the hurts
that angered me yesterday;
help me to forgive and
nurse no malice towards anyone.

Today, let no bitter root grow;
let no despair be grounded in doubt.
Instead, let hope, praise,
and gratitude flourish.

By your grace,
I say no to confusion.
Jesus, center me.
Spirit of God, make me simple;
captivate my heart with your singular love;
saturate my mind with wonder for your truth;
direct my words and actions
to reflect your beauty.

Make me happy
to do even a small good today.
Show me how even the most mundane task
is infused with your glorious delight.

This day, I dedicate all my doing,
thinking, and speaking to you,
moment by moment—
let my every breath
be a gift I give back to you.
Help me seek first
not my own way but
your rule in my life—
and, as I do so,
provide just what I need for today
and protect me from harm
both from within and
from without.

Make me strong
in gentleness and humility.
Help me be willing and glad
to be that servant
who goes unnoticed,
who serves not for recognition,
but just for the privilege of serving.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds,
but I pray you grant me these graces
just for today.


my prayer for today
by troy cady

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