05 January 2019

Peter, on the twelfth day of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas
my true love said to me,

“Do you love me?
I know you believe in me—
but do you love me?
That’s all I want,
all I’ve ever wanted.
Listen: I see the many things
you do for me—all that work
borne of good intentions—
but I’m not asking you
to do more for me;
I just want to be with you—
I love you.
If you really need
to do something for me
to show me your love,
just do this:
notice me.
Look for me in others,
and when you see me there,
notice inside yourself
the thrill of recognition—
as if you’ve just found me
playing hide-and-seek
like a childhood friend.
Then, just tell others
how you see me in them—
because when you tell them,
you’re really telling me.
So, I ask again,
‘Do you love me?’”

My true love asked this
three times,
far fewer than the counting
of my countless denials,
but more than the
single measureless life
he gave for me.
Do I love him?
Yes, I do—
but I’m still learning
and I need help, so—
will you love him with me?


Peter, on the twelfth day of Christmas
by troy cady
after John 21:15-19

January 5, 2019

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