25 April 2020

make me a person of peace

Lord, make me a person of peace.
Where there is bitter division,
help me to work for reconciliation.
When someone hurts me,
give me strength to forgive.
When I hurt another,
grant me the humility to seek forgiveness.
Give me understanding
in times of confusion and chaos.
Be my wisdom
when fear would darken
my mind and heart.
Remind me that even in death
you are the resurrection and the life.

Lord, you know that I worry about many things.
Still me within as you stilled the storm without.
Show me that I can count on you; I am just a child.
Nurture within me a quiet confidence in you
that grows stronger day by day.

Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace,
be in my mouth,
making my words gentle;
be in my eyes,
viewing others through the lens of grace;
be in my listening,
make me a true companion;
in my tasting,
fill my whole body with gratitude;
in my breathing,
take in the very scent of love;
let these hands heal,
and my feet go gladly
to the side of the needy.
Lord Jesus, my King,
move my feet, move my hands
to the rhythms of your peace.


make me a person of peace
by troy cady

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