15 April 2020

notes on good teamwork

Me and my colleagues at Grace Covenant Church

One of the challenges many people are facing during this unusual season pertains to the dynamic of teamwork. Because of the good teamwork that I (Troy) enjoy with my colleagues at Grace Covenant Church in Chicago, I’m mindful today of how healthy teams continue to break new ground.

A healthy team is especially invaluable when the going gets tough. As I have been thinking about this, I wanted to share some factors that I commend to you in your own team relationships during the current crisis.

A. Wonder and explore together. Keep in mind that you are on the same team; when obstacles arise, exploring solutions in a spirit of togetherness makes all the difference. Ask questions, listen well, and hold ideas loosely…be willing to be changed, to be influenced.

B. Be gentle and go slow. Trust that what must get done will get done; we don’t need to force anything. Keep in mind that everyone is under a lot of pressure these days, both personally and professionally. As we work together to ease one another’s burdens, we create better conditions for success.

C. Play to one another’s strengths and check with your teammates whether you are using your own strengths in ways that are truly helpful. Encourage one another in those instances when you see someone using their strengths in ways that serve the overall good.

D. Be a person of your word. If you say you will do something, do it. Integrity is priceless. Be faithful to the important role you play.

E. Be flexible; adopt the posture of a servant. Be willing to pitch in when extra help is needed, even if it isn’t in your official “job description.” Keep in mind that sometimes important work arises that does not fit in anyone’s job description.

F. Encourage creativity, imagination and the development of fresh approaches. When something new is being tested, give as much space and grace for failure as possible. Maximizing innovative ideas takes time; be patient.  

To be sure, there are more factors I could have listed but these come to mind especially during these unusual days. Perhaps you'd like to add your own? In any case, be well, my friends!


I write about healthy teamwork in my book on play, because a playful team is a healthy team. The book is available in paperback or Kindle edition on Amazon

If you'd like someone to coach you or help you nurture healthy teamwork during this challenging time, reach out to me (Troy Cady) to explore if there is any way I can be of service to you. 

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