24 October 2013

The Number 7 Symbolizes Perfection. So Does Bacon.

I missed posting yesterday for PlayFull's weekly Hump Day Humor. Sorry! To make up for it, we settle for nothing less than perfection: bacon.

Yesterday I was listening to the radio and I heard a story about an upcoming state-wide Bacon Festival in Iowa. The newscaster reported that festival planners were worried they would not sell enough tickets to the event because more and more people are becoming health-conscious these days. Well...that may be true but it didn't stop folks from wanting to celebrate the best food ever! Just 48 hours after tickets went on sale, the event sold out. :-)

My motto in life is "Bacon makes everything extra special" so I've been considering adding a clause in PlayFull's bylaws that all board members and future employees of PlayFull are required to like bacon. Our interview process will include a category entitled "Creative Bacon Inquiry."

Here are seven (note the number of perfection!) bacon-themed images to brighten your day. Which one is your favorite? Or...feel free to add your own fav.

Okay, so 7 isn't enough. Let's make it 9. Pieces of bacon, that is.

Happy One-Day-Late-Hump-Day, friends. Keep playing!

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1 comment:

  1. i love this. the proudest moment i had as a mother was when my youngest daughter tasted turkey bacon for the first time and handed it back to me. she knew it wasn't the real deal. pretty funny. -Victoria (Stembokas)