30 October 2013

Costume Craziness

I don't really get into the whole Halloween thing, but I must say: these are some funny, cute, clever costumes. Which one is your favorite? Mine is "Post-It Note guy".  Those who know me well, know why. :-)

Happy Hump Day, friends! Hope you have a good day.


1. Lego Man. My son would love this one!

2. Fantasy Football. I must say, when I first heard that expression some years ago, I thought, "Huh, strange." This image proves that.

3. Chia Pet. I'd like to try this out with my own dog, but she'd probably just eat the leaves.

4. Legislative Process. "Yes, I'm a bill. Yes, I'm only a bill and I'm sittin' here on Capitol Hill." (It's important to keep these significant cultural references alive for the young 'uns these days, don't you think?)

5. Ewok. Cute, very cute.

6. Philosoraptor. *insert sound of drum going buh-duh-bump here*

7. Green Army Man. I think my brother should dress up like this dude. 

8. I so could not pull this off. Bruce Lee.

9. I think I could pull this off. Animal.

10. Best Costume Ever. Transform a child's wheelchair into an ice cream truck. Yes, PlayFull.

11. Post It Note man. 'nuff said.

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Today's pics come from here and here.

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