11 October 2013

Creation Is For Everyone

Over the course of the past month I’ve had the opportunity to share PlayFull’s creation story with a wide variety of people.

First, I told the story with a group of children of upper-elementary age. Then, I told the story with children of lower elementary age. Next, a group of teenagers (believe it or not!). After that, I had the chance to share the story with three different groups of adults. Finally, I shared the story in an intergenerational setting—from 5 year old kids to at least four sets of grandparents!  

So far, the response has been positive. I’ve seen the story help folks think about themes of…


And the list could be longer!

Wondering about this story over and over again with all kinds of people has convinced me we don’t reflect enough on the goodness of creation. We spend so much time trying to figure out how to “fix” what’s been “broken” that we often lose sight of God’s original vision of beauty.

Someone asked in one of our gatherings: “I wonder why God made all this?”

Various thoughts were offered and after a while the man who posed the question asked me what I thought. I said, “Well, I suppose this story tells us God made everything just for the joy of it.”

It is PlayFull’s desire that each and every person will experience the joy of God and the God of joy for themselves.  Stay tuned for more to come!


The creation story is the first story that has been developed in our PlayFull Faith series. Each story contains objects that are used as a visual focus and includes a script for storytellers. Contact me if you’d like to know more or if you’d like your own copy of these stories as they are developed. 

Thanks for reading, friends!


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