10 December 2013

When Meh Strikes

Some days you wake up and when you think of the hours ahead you say to yourself: “Meh.” There’s nothing you’re anxious about in particular but neither is there anything you’re excited about. It’s a “meh” kind of day. Middle of the road.

So, you compose a mental checklist, searching for a way out of the “meh”, something to light your fire. But certain tasks need to get done today—and there are only so many hours in the day—so there will be no time for lighting fires any time soon. In fact, the list will likely spill over to the next day. More “meh” tomorrow, too.

And you know that if you neglect the list, it will catch up with you. Sometimes, mundane things cannot be put off. Better to git ‘er done now, eh. So, you resign yourself to “meh”—but feel a little unhappy about it still.

When this happens, here are some things you could keep in mind:

1. Tell yourself: “There’s nothing wrong with a ‘meh’ day. ‘Meh’ happens. It’s normal.”

2. Meh does not diminish love one speck. Human history is filled with days when those who felt meh were loved beyond measure, though their feelings might have told them otherwise.

3. Don’t wait to feel exuberant to sing. Sing anyway. Whatever comes to mind: from childhood, the radio, a hymnal. Make your own tune to a billboard slogan. Don’t take it too seriously.

4. Or take 15 minutes to just write. You never know where Imagination might take you in that short time. Think of it as planting a flag in the ground of “meh”, decorating the land with a flash of color.  Liken something right in front of you to an idea, feeling or person. That loose thread reminds you of a kind word that you haven’t said yet. That leaf on the ground, humility. The grain of salt, a friend.

5. Have faith that every “meh” day serves a purpose beyond mere “meh.”

6. Take some seconds to just be still, close your eyes, be present to the fact that you are breathing, living.  

7. Tell friends and family you love them. A “meh” day could be someone’s last. Saying “I love you” out of routine is better than not saying it at all. And the saying of it jostles the torpor. It’s a form of recollection: “Oh, yes. This is who I am. I remember now.”

8.  Doodle.

9.  Light a candle. Look at the flame. It is what it is. It does not need to exert effort to shine brightly. It doesn’t add anything to the simple act of burning. Even on a “meh” day, this is you.

I hope you can see that meh days are good days. Thank you for taking the time with me just now so I could share that with you. Be loved.



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