02 March 2014

You have a voice. Use it.

What can I do to convince you? You have a voice. Use it. You are special and gifted, original beyond what you imagine, beyond what you expect of yourself.  The world needs your passion, your joy. Don’t hide it under a steel bucket. Let loose in a smack of color, a dance no one can copy.

Pick something close by, an object or a dream, a swelling laugh you can neither name nor tame. Tell us about it. Use a line of melody or a paragraph of prose. Use a metaphor, find something and describe it in microscopic truthfulness. Show us your world, all the grit, the smoky fears dissipated, the hard-fought love, the illness overcome, the hope you’ve been tempted to bury, the game won. We are none of us spectators. You are an actor on the grandest stage and there is no failing here, for you are attended by a cheerful company, even though you can’t see them. So, tell your story and make it loud, standing strong. The soul that shrinks alone will not feel so alone anymore. We want to share in your acts of triumph.

You are special and gifted, original beyond what you can imagine, beyond what you expect of yourself. Use your honest voice so we can see that our cracks are by no means fragile. They are our strength, part of the ancient beauty that makes life so precious and valuable. So just start with one small thing, a picture or unfinished carving, a closet with a small box of memories, letters or childhood collections, locks of hair, or medals. These are the stories of mettle that should never be melted. Tell us one story starting tonight and let’s make a week of it. A special vacation. A rest from the ungrace of shoulds and rations, lining up the decimal points. If you would connect the dots, scatter them across the page so we can trace a dragon and color it in together.

Don’t lock yourself up. You are a diamond. Turn around in the light. Our eyes will dazzle with your beauty, every face reflecting. You are red and blue, fire and ice, green and yellow, life and happiness—even your cowardice is a brave thing. There have been moments of wise silence in your life. We want to hear about them now. There have been seasons of strong perseverance. Do share.

What can I do to convince you? You have a voice. Use it. Start now. Pick one small thing to start with and carry on, carry on.


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