13 September 2013

PlayDate with Step Up To Help!

Step Up To Help is an organization that is unique in that it represents a diverse and a truly collective work.

Lizzy Wagner leads Project I See You, an initiative of compassion for women who are all-but-forgotten. Over the years, they have worked with women in the Dominican Republic where last year a group of 20 people travelled to install a well for the impoverished town of La Victoria. 

That gives you just a slice of what they do. Their broader vision is “to create cross-cultural experiences that invest in women’s worth and value, ultimately leading to change in our lives and communities.” Those who contribute time, talents and financial gifts to Project I See You understand that “to see and be seen”—truly, deeply—is the biggest gift we can give one another.

Another project in Step Up is called Brain Pain. Among other things, Brain Pain helps communities of faith be places of joy, peace, love and acceptance for those who have bipolar disorder. How wonderful! (I told you they were a unique group…)

Meanwhile, Brian Newman leads The Isaac-Ishmael Initiative. Their purpose? “The Isaac-Ishmael Initiative exists to be part of tearing down the walls of hostility between the descendants of  Abraham’s two sons – Isaac and Ishmael – who will be reunited in the Kingdom of God.”  Yes, there are many “peace initiatives” going on these days—yet the sad truth is: Muslims, Jews and Christians remain at war. The Isaac-Ishmael Initiative creates space where relationships can be built and, hopefully, trust can be established.

I just got off a call with Brian and Lizzy earlier today because they’ve asked PlayFull to come out to Denver in early October to put on a PlayDate for them. I couldn’t be more thrilled and honored!

We have some good stuff planned and I’ll be sure to let you all know how it went when it’s over. My prayer and hope is that all those who have been serving in these various initiatives will come away from our PlayDate with a fresh sense of joy, vision and purpose. We’ll engage in some interactive exercises that will help them understand one another better and celebrate each other. And, we’ll look at how God keeps creating new life in and through them and what they do. There is light, sky, sea and land. He gives direction by the stars and he infuses the void with living, moving creatures of all shapes and colors. Finally, he does all this…for Sabbath, shalom, his very Name.  

I am really looking forward to being with them soon and just wanted to share with you a little slice of what makes PlayFull tick.  



Yes, we can tailor a PlayDate just for you! Each one is unique. If you’d like to know more and have an inkling (“we could use that!”), contact me and we’ll play with some ideas. 

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