03 September 2013

How To Survive The First Day Of School

For many kids in the United States, today is THE DAY: the much-anticipated dreaded first day of school. No matter where you're from the many feelings that accompany the start of a new school year seem to be universal. In this short video, some Italian children offer playful advice on what it takes to get the new school year off to a great start.

Some of my favorites:
-A boy on relating to teachers: "To become a teacher's friend, you need to be fun."

-A girl on...boys: "I had two worksheets left to glue and I had finished my glue. I asked a boy if I could borrow his, and what did he do? He put it into his mouth."

-A boy on making friends: "To comfort a child, first of all you need to ask him if he wants to play with you, if he needs help."

Wise words. Enjoy!

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