07 September 2013

"God is Playful." Ben said it, not me.

Dave Marmion, a friend and a soon-to-be board member of PlayFull, shared this quote on PlayFull's facebook page yesterday. I thought it was so good I wanted to post it here today so more folks could see it. Here goes:

"Since God is a self-sufficient being, creating the universe was not necessary. Similarly...one can exist without play. But human beings were not made to merely exist. They were made in God's image to worship God and to emulate his actions, and in 'play' we do emulate God's actions. We create games and play a game that has a universe of its own, its own rules, its own gravitational pull...If we ask the cosmic question - Why is there something instead of nothing? One answer is - Because God is playful. God enjoys creating and playing."

-Ben Witherington III, The Rest of Life

This is why we do what we do. 

Dave wrote: “Play on, friends.” I add, “Amen to that.”  Thanks, Dave, for sharing this with us.


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