01 September 2013

Sabbath: "A Palace In Time"

I have something in mind
or, rather, in my mind’s eye.

It’s a place, I’m told, of perfection
or, rather, a time

when nothing more is needed
because everything is given

and never fades.

In the past, I have thought
of this idea as a place—

like a building, or room; a tree or a meadow;
the river’s edge or front porch.

I have come close
to finding it in space

but then it fades.

When It becomes She
and I look for Her in time (not space)

I find Her in the future—
which is to say, in hope

 when laws change to lyrics
and singers rest in songs

that never fade.

Sabbath: "A Palace in Time"
By Troy Cady

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