10 February 2014

Jesus Laughed

Judah Smith is the author of a book entitled Jesus is _______________ in which he seeks to dispel common misconceptions about the (in)famous historical figure. 

In an interview at Relevant magazine, he answered the first question with these words:

“Jesus has, I think, for a long time been portrayed as very serious. To a fault. Meaning I don’t think a lot of seekers or believers have it in their thinking at all that Jesus actually had a sense of humor.

"The way we were created, the way we function, our emotions, our soul, our laughter, our joy—all of these things reflect—they are because of God’s glory and they are for God’s glory. Jesus was the full and complete embodiment of all that God is, and so, no doubt, He would have enjoyed a good time.

"I mean, look at the guys he chose, the 12 blue-collar, average, ordinary dudes. Some of them royal screw-ups. Jesus chose them and no doubt they were cracking jokes and laughing and having a good time.”

PlayFull agrees! Thank you, Judah, for this good reminder...

Have a good week, friends--and live in joy.


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