17 February 2014

When God Thinks of You

PlayFull believes one's view of God correlates to one's ability to live playfully. If we discount the image of a static God and instead see God as ecstatic, it makes a world of difference. We begin our PlayFull Faith story about creation with the simple sentence, "God dances." This truth has profound implications. 

On Thursday, PlayFull board member Doreen Olson drew attention to these words by author David G. Benner. This serves to illustrate yet another dimension of a God who is playful:

“Take a moment and try a simple exercise. The results will tell you a great deal about the nature of your spiritual journey.

“Imagine God thinking about you. What do you assume God feels when you come to mind?

“When I ask people to do this, a surprising number of people say that the first thing they assume God feels is disappointment. Others assume that God feels anger. In both cases, these people are convinced that it is their sin that first catches God’s attention. I think they are wrong—and I think the consequences of such a view of God are enormous.

“Regardless of what you have come to believe about God based on your life experience, the truth is that when God thinks of you, love swells in God’s heart and a smile comes to God’s face. God bursts with love for humans. God is far from being emotionally uninvolved with creation. God’s bias toward us is strong, persistent and positive. The Christian God chooses to be known as Love, and that love pervades every aspect of God’s relationship with us.”

Dr. David G. Benner, From Surrender to Love

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