27 August 2014

Horse Tornado and other curiosities

PlayFull friend Victoria Davis highlighted this the other day. If you didn't know what something was called and you had to give it a name what would you name it?

Kids would be good at this game,wouldn't they?

Here are a few favorites...

And now...for a friendly competition. One dollar (Wow! That's a lot of money!) will be awarded to the person who thinks of the best name for this one:

Leave your answer in the comments, or email it here, or leave it on our Twitter profile or leave it on our Facebook page. We will announce the winner tomorrow morning and will be in touch with you to arrange delivery of your prize. Kids can play, too! If they have an entry, let us know who it is so we make sure they get the prize. :)

Hump Day is humor day at PlayFull. Thanks for reading and keep smiling!


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