13 August 2014

Robin Williams (1951-2014)

Remembering a life who brought so much laughter into countless lives: Robin Williams. Here's a short clip of what many feel he did best: comedic improv. Say a prayer for all who were close to him...

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  1. “For every extremist who has been arrested since January 6, there are countless others who are now even more entrenched in their extremist views of reality.”

    Falling for a false narrative brought to you by bias, propaganda, mainstream media. Alec Baldwin has killed more people than January 6 rioters. The extremists that day were the FBI who encouraged peaceful protesters to go to the capital and riot. Why no mention of ANTIFA as an extremist organization? Only mention of Jan 6. Seems to me that the only extremists were ANTIFA and all the people that burned cities all over the country summer of 2019.