30 August 2013

Play, Architecture and Design

A few weeks ago I took my son to see the Robie House by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  He was fascinated!

My son likes to build things with Lego so when he saw some of the Lego models of a few architectural masterpieces in the gift shop, he wanted to buy one. The problem is: they are a little expensive! 

That didn't stop him. Over the course of the next few days he created a design masterpiece of a very imaginative RV out of Lego he already had. What creativity!

His persistence to build something--anything--creative got me to thinking about the relationship between play and architecture (or any kind of structure, really). From a simple candle-holder to parliamentary halls, space is the medium in which we play. The sheer variety of objects we create in this world is testament to the intrinsic impulse we all have to play. 

Watch this short 3 minute video of some of Europe's most playful structures. 

NIGHTVISION from Luke Shepard on Vimeo.


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